“Close your bodily eye, that you may see your picture first with the eye of the spirit. Then bring to light what you have seen in the darkness,
that its effect may work back, from without to within”

Caspar David Friedrich


Marina Taroni was born in Como on September 5th, 1960. Until the age of 20 she lived in the lake area in the vicinities of Villa d’Este. Despite the awards won in painting competitions, her parents did not encourage young Marina’s love for painting. She attended languages high school in Como and studied history of art.
In the Eighties she moved to Milan, and worked for ten years in the editorial staff of the fashion magazine Italian Harper’s Bazaar. This long experience will have a deep influence on the processing of her aesthetic taste.
In the following decade she got married, became a mother and started working as a freelance journalist: she wrote about foreign television and broadcasting companies, together with interviews to prominent personalities of CNN, BBC, and CNBC, including articles related to many other worldwide-prestigious TV channels.
Engaged on environmental front, as a result of a lifestyle choice in the year 2000, she moved to the countryside in the small town of Besano (Unesco World Heritage) on Lake Lugano. Interested in painting, Marina Taroni started practicing it in the atelier-school of master painter Michele Ferrari (micheleferrari.info), where she formed her artistic education.
Her works have been exhibited and published together with celebrated artists such as Andy Warhol, Salvador Dalì, Pierre Fernandez Arman, and renowned Italian artists like Mimmo Rotella and Marco Lodola, to name a few.
She currently lives and works in Besano (Lake Lugano).


Marina Taroni’s artworks are a language that translate the landscape into inner experience. She found her inspiration observing the grandeur of nature, a never-ending source of new ideas and emotions. These wild and solitary places are through where the artist’s view comes to life.
In Marina Taroni’s  paintings the landscapes are not passive views but they are open windows on the true essence of that wonderful masterpiece which is the Creation and they are transformed into soul places, that represent synthesis of deep feeling, lived or dreamed.
The artist gives herself to nature to dictate its colors and its ancestral meanings. Her landscapes succeed in keeping at bay the clamour of the world and continue beyond the boundaries of canvas and are transformed into a cerebral and emotional experience before nature’s majesty, the key theme of her works. Man, although absent, is permanently evoked as the receiver of her artworks.
Marina Taroni rejects any constraints by current fashion and is faithful to her pictorial vision: observing her paintings we find ourselves immersed and abandoned in world of extraordinary beauty that bring us closer to our inner Self.



(oil on canvas)
cm 120 x 100


(oil on canvas)
cm 120 x 100


(oil on canvas)
cm 120 x 100


(oil on canvas)
cm 100 x 100


(oil on canvas)
cm 120 x 100


(oil on canvas)
cm 120 x 100


(oil on canvas)
cm 120 x 100


(oil on canvas)
cm 150 x 120


(oil on canvas)
cm 120 x 100


(oil on canvas)
cm 80 x 70


(oil on canvas)
cm 120 x 100


(oil on canvas)
cm 120 x 100


(oil on canvas)
cm 120 x 100


(oil on canvas)
cm 120 x 100


(oil on canvas)
cm 120 x 100


(oil on canvas)
cm 120 x 100


(oil on canvas)
cm 120 x 100


(oil on canvas)
cm 120 x 100


(oil on canvas)
cm 120 x 80


(diptych – oil on canvas)
cm 140 x 105


(oil on canvas)
cm 120 x 100


(oil on canvas)
cm 100 x 70


(oil on canvas)
cm 120 x 90


(oil on canvas)
cm 100 x 100


(oil on canvas)
cm 120 x 90


(oil on canvas)
cm 120 x 70


(oil on canvas)
cm 120 x 70


(oil on canvas)
cm 100 x 100


(oil on canvas)
cm 100 x 70


(oil on canvas)
cm 100 x 80


Biophilic (r)Evolution – Solo Exhibition – Botel 2.0-0 (Lake Lugano)

Anatomy of Beauty – Ex Fornace (Milano)

Shades of Art – Mazzoleni Art Gallery (Alzano Lombardo)

Stanze – Mini Solo Exhibition – Antica Saliera Art Gallery (Lecce)

Art is Now – Antiquum Oratorium Passionis Basilica S. Ambrogio (Milan)

Arte Milano | The Factory  – Fabbrica del Vapore (Milan)

Io | Es | Super-Io – Antica Saliera Art Gallery (Lecce)

Pure White – Palazzo Tanzarella (Ostuni)

Blackout – CBK Museum (Amsterdam)

Anatomy of Beauty – Casa Cava (Sassi Matera)

Woman in Art – Mazzoleni Art Gallery (Alzano Lombardo)

The Artists in Sgarbi’s Collection – Villa Cavallini Sgarbi (Ro Ferrarese)

Animus et Anima – Casa Cava (Sassi Matera)

W.W.A.S. – Cælum Gallery  (Manhattan – New York)

Arte Salerno – Palazzo Fruscione (Salerno)

Contemporary at Sale del Bramante – Sale del Bramante (Rome)

Italian Vanity Art Exhibition – Gallery of Light (Dubai)

MEAM – European Museum of Modern Art (Barcelona)

Contemporary in Villa – Mazzucchelli Museums Picture Gallery (Brescia)

MAG Art Prize – Mediolanum Bank Foundation (Padua)

Internazionale Italia Arte – MIIT Museum (Turin)

Arte Paris – Espace Peugeot (Paris)

Veritas Feminae – Villa Bernasconi  (Cernobbio, Lake Como)

Grande Maestro Art Prize – Palazzo Francavilla (Palermo)

Contemporary in Uffizi’s Town (Florence)

GemlucArt – Auditorium Prince Rainier III (Principalty of Monaco)

Cinema in the Art – Mazzoleni Art Gallery (Venice)

FTP2FE – Thinking Factory (Milan)

Summer Art – Art Events – Forte Village Resort (Sardinia)

Veritas Feminae – Armory and Duchy Museum (Amalfi)

Art in Comparison on Lagoon – Mazzoleni Foundation (Venice)

Veritas Feminæ – Casa Cava (Matera)

Italian Art Fair – Gallery of Light (Dubai)

Art in Comparison – Mazzoleni Foundation (Alzano Lombardo, Bg)

The Enchantment of Beauty – Is Molas Golf Club (Sardinia)

Ode to Food for Expo 2015 – Pisacane Art Gallery (Milan)

Milano Art Week – Expo in Town – Chie Art Gallery (Milan)

Italian Soul – Art Hub (Abu Dhabi)

Italian Soul – Contemporary Art in UAE (Dubai)

Artists at Villa Borromeo (Viggiù – Varese)

Collini Art Prize – Villa Passalacqua (Lake Como)

Ego Id Art Prize – Magistri Cumacini (Como)


BIOPHILIC (r)EVOLUTION – Solo Exhibition – Lake Lugano

BIOPHILIC (r)EVOLUTION, inspired by the dialogue between Art and Nature was a solo exhibitions of the Italian artist Marina Taroni.
The works were on display from 6th to 24th April 2019 on Botel 2.0-0 on Lake Lugano.
The solo exhibition seeks to be one in which the beauty of Nature is not an end in itself, but a search for values linked to man’s awareness of an imperative reconciliation that cannot be postponed with Mather Earth.
In a society that lives by appearance, it’s a return to Nature, to reconnect with authenticity.

The Opening took place on April 6th 2019 at 06.30 pm. by invitation only.
Critical text by Prof. Massimiliano Porro, art historian; poetry reading by theatre actress Marina De Juli.
Patronage: Province of Varese; Municipality of Porto Ceresio and Besano. Sponsorship: Botel 2.0-0; Il Laboratorio SA; Partner: Mediolanum Bank, Varese.
The mayor of Porto Ceresio, the mayor of Besano and Mr. D’Intino, F.B.O. Mediolanum Bank attended the opening.
Art curator: dr. Gina Affinito.

The location: Botel 2.0-0 is an off-grid  floating space completely eco-sustainable, with total energy autonomy an absence of emissions in the environment, placed in the waters in front of the promenade of Porto Ceresio, Lake Lugano.
BIOPHILIC (r)EVOLUTION is a site-specific exhibition in which the symbiotic relationship between contents and container has permeated the visitor to the point of inebriating him and transporting him into the biophilic dimension: not  virtual but epidermically authentic experience.


Friday 15h February 2019 official presentation in Rome – with an international preview – of the ATLAS OF CONTEMPORARY ART published by DeAgostini.
A work of 1000 pages that aims to be the main consultation tool to contextualize the role of Italian art in the contemporary globalized scene.

The scientific committee, made up of critics and well-known intellectuals, has assessed the possible inclusion of each artist on the basis of a very strict selective parameters.
Two pages have been dedicated to the painter Marina Taroni within the prestigious volume that includes the artist’s profile, editorial critical note, interview and market index.

The volume is part of the international framework as the only arteconomy instrument and contains “conversations” with the most illustrious figures of collecting, art and architecture as: Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, architects Boeri and Fuksas, Robottini from Miart and the managers of the famous auction houses Christie’s and Sotheby’s.

Divided by region, the ATLAS OF CONTEMPORARY ART  is a real “map” of the best talents of the Italian artistic context that offers alternative forms of aesthetic communication alongside artists already historicized such as De Chirico, Fontana, Balla, Bonalumi, Cattelan, Manzoni, to name a few.

Two were the appointments in Rome for the official presentation of the volume: in the morning the scenery of the Museum of the Ara Pacis with video projection of the volume. In the afternoon cycles of conferences at the Aula Magna of the La Sapienza University with speeches by Daniele Radini Tedeschi, Bonito Oliva, Gianni Dunil, Carlo Maraffa.

The artist Marina Taroni with Daniele Radini Tedeschi, one of the curators of the Venice Art Biennale.
The Professor, with Dr. Stefania Pieralice, is at the direction of the scientific committee of the ATLAS OF CONTEMPORARY ART by DeAgostini.

ART IS NOW –  Milan

ART IS NOW, an extraordinary cultural project by Jelmoni Studio Gallery, took place from 4th to 9th December 2019 at the ancient exposition space Antiquum Oratorium Passionis of the Basilica of Sant’Ambrogio in the city of Milan, ambassador of Italy in the world.

Milano is confirmed to be one of the most important international hubs for the valorization of the creative production of contemporary art, that just here found the fertile ground to sprout in future success and in new developments, and become again, vanguard.

The spotlight on December 4th was on the opening of ART IS NOW.
The exhibition was among the main cultural initiatives of the city during the Milanese week of Sant’Ambrogio.
The artist Marina Taroni was on display with five of her latest works.


Saturday December 1st, in Milan, took place the presentation of the prestigious CATALOGO DELL’ARTE MODERNA – The Italian Artists from the Early Twentieth Century to Today (Giorgio Mondadori Publisher-Cairo Group).

Painter Marina Taroni with Carlo Motta, editorial manager of the CATALOG OF MODERN ART.
Long applause for president Cairo’ intervention during the presentation of the work.

The event took place at Sala Buzzati – Corriere della Sera Foundation, one of the temples of Italian and Milanese culture, at the presence of Urbano Cairo, president of Cairo Communication and RCS Media Group.

Historical yearbook for artists, gallery owners, operators in the art sector, collectors and enthusiasts, the CATALOG OF MODERN ART has reached its 54th edition.
ISBN/EAN 978-88-6052-924-4

The intense artwork “The Last Light”, oil on canvas by painter Marina Taroni is published on the CATALOG OF MODERN ART n. 54 – The Italian Artists from the Early Twentieth Century to Today.

In the first part of the work  the biographical notes and quotations of the great Italian masters of the 20th century such as De Chirico, Fontana and Modigliani. In the second section: Armodio, Guttuso, Paladino and many other protagonists of modern and contemporary art.


Art works by painter Marina Taroni on display from 19th to 21st October 2018 at ARTE MILANO – THE FACTORY.
The exhibition was organized by ArtetrA with the support of Prince Group and was under the patronage of the City of Milan and Lombardy Region.

The exhibition was held at Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan, one of the greatest examples of recovery of industrial archeology in the Lombard capital, as well as place of the culture and point of reference for the promotion of the contemporary art.

The vernissage took place Friday 19th October 2018 at 04.30 p.m. at La Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan.
Professor Philippe Daverio, sagacious and incomparable art historian, was ARTE MILANO – THE FACTORY special guest.


According to Freud’s theory the ID is the instinctual trend; the EGO is the organized, realistic part that mediates between the desires of the ID and the external world; the SUPER-EGO is the moral conscience that repress the impulses of the EGO.
The idea of this exhibition project was to research the three instances of the Ego in works of art.

Marina Taroni artworks on display from September 29th to October 7th 2018 in the halls of ANTICA SALIERA – Studio | Gallery | Hypogeum (Lecce).
Opening Saturday 29th September 2018 at 08.00 pm.
ID | EGO | SUPER-EGO is an exhibition project by dr. Gina Affinito art curator.

Antica Saliera (Ancient Saltcellar) is a place included in the project “The Places of Contemporary”, a guide edited by MIBAC (Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities).
The exhibition space, after careful conservation work, is located in a 13th century building in the historic center of Lecce.

SUMMER ART 2018 – Sardinia

The artist Marina Taroni with Mr. Mario Mazzoleni during the 12th edition of SUMMER ART 2018.
The  prestigious art exhibition took place from June to the end of August in the magnificent Mazzoleni Foundation  art store inside Forte Village Resort in South Sardinia, one of the most exclusive resort in the world.

Presided by Mr. Mario Mazzoleni, Mazzoleni Foundation works through top exhibitions and charity events.
The highlight of the summer season 2018 is the public expo dedicated to Salvador Dalì from 1st July to 22nd September 2018 at the Conference Center in Porto Cervo.

The new fabulous show room by Art Events Mazzoleni at the Waterfront Costa Smeralda of the iconic old marina in Porto Cervo.
Alongside names such as Picasso, Dalì and Warhol, the store manager Simona Occioni has joined emerging artists of the national artistic scene.


Kandisky said: “White is a world so high compared to us that we hardly notice its sound, it’s a nothing before the origin”.
The exhibition PURE WHITE took place in the ancient halls of Palazzo Tanzarella, which hosted in concomitance the Picasso exhibition “Half Heaven”.

The exhibition PURE WHITE was held in the heart of the village of Ostuni, “The White City of Salento”.
Perched on a hill and suspended between the ulivis and the sea, Ostuni offers a landscape with dazzling beauty in which it’s imperative “to get lost”.

Marina Taroni artworks on display during the exhibition PURE WHITE from 15th to 21st July 2018 at Palazzo Tanzarella in Ostuni.
Concept: Gina Affinito art curator.
Critic: Prof. Teresa Stacca

BLACKOUT – Amsterdam

Art works by painter Marina Taroni on display from 21sth April to 5th May 2018 at CBK Museum in Amsterdam. The venue is located in the heart of the cultural district of arts, a meeting place where contemporary art is central.

In the beginning there was Black, an absolute darkness before the fateful Big Bang: the project focuses the interest of expressive research on an remote point in history and creation time starting from the Black.
Concept: Jelmoni Studio Gallery.

CBK Amsterdam presents a dynamic perspective and explores the present through a research-focused exhibition.
It helps to draw new ways, following the most innovative experimental practices.


ANATOMY OF BEAUTY has faced the authentic encounter with the multiciplity of Beauty to bring to light, break up and dissect from the dephts that æstetich, harmonious and golden ratio of which an artwork is made.

Marina Taroni’s artwork on display from 30th March to 6th April 2018 at Casa Cava, hypogeum exhibition center in the heart of Matera stones (Sassi of Matera), Unesco world heritage.
Art curator Gina Affinito.

Has contemporary art really distanced itself from Beauty? The selected artists – using languages in a transversal way – have investigated the prejudices that now permeate the vision of art, presenting their personal concept of “Beauty”.


WOMAN IN ART, from 10th to 31sth March 2018, a tribute to the female artistic talent.
The exhibition took place in the ancient rooms of Palazzo Barzizza by Mazzoleni Art Foundation.

The painter Marina Taroni among the artists presented by the President of Mazzoleni Foundation during the inaugural event which took place on Saturday 10th March 2018.

Marina Taroni’s artwork “The Great Goddess” in the window of Mazzoleni Art Gallery.
Among the numerous press review, an article on the prestigious national newspaper “Il Corriere della Sera”.


ANIMUS ET ANIMA, about the archetypes of the masculine and the female one.
Anima, that female energy that is present in the psyche of the man and Animus, the masculine energy that is present in psyche of the woman. AMIMUS ET ANIMA are the two archetypes that better than others give us a vision of how much the human being is dual.

The contemporary art exhibition ANIMUS ET ANIMA was held from 21sth to 28th October 2107 at Casa Cava, center for the creativity and symbol of the cultural renaissance of Matera, UNESCO World Heritage and European Capital of Culture 2019.

Opening Saturday 21st October: the painter Marina Taroni, in the background her artwork Mundus.

During the exhibition week were held philosophical meetings, conferences and experiential workshop. The only common thread was the theme of masculine and feminine.

Concept: dr. Gina Affinito.
Art critic: prof. Teresa Stacca.


Saturday 9th September 2017, on 74th Venice Film Festival occasion, Evening Gala in the historic Venetian palace Scuola Grande di San Giovanni Evangelista.

The artist Marina Taroni at GRAN GALA ARTE CINEMA IMPRESA.

On the red carpet many celebrities, Italian businesses and artists from the contemporary art scene.

The event was presented by Nathalie Goitom and Francesco Repetti Mogol.

GRAN GALA ARTE CINEMA IMPRESA is an awards event by Mazzoleni Art Foundation.

Mario Mazzoleni and Simona Occioni, President and Vice President of Mazzoleni Foundation with their daughters.

A big round of applause and photo shoots for the actress Claudia Gerini and the director Andrea Preti.

The artist Marina Taroni, the showgirl Valeria Marini, the actress Claudia Gerini and the director Andrea Preti.

Italian fashion designer Angela Bellomo and Marina Taroni.
Very applauded her High Fashion défilé show.

Art, a language that transcends every style: Marina Taroni, Aida Abdullaeva, Sabrina Golin.

Undisputed class and elegance for the fashion designer Ettore Bilotta and the communication manger Francesco Pini.

Award prize to Paolo Pierobon, affirmed actor of theater, cinema and television.

Dina Aletras and Massimo Basile, H Fusion Media Group – Luxury Lifestyle Publication – Milan, London, Lugano.

President Mario Mazzoleni and Marina Taroni, Mazzoleni Foundation permanent artist.

Mazzoleni Foundation works through exhibitions and top event to promote Italian art all around the world.

W.W.A.S. New York

From 3rd to 28th June 2017, Marina Taroni’s art work on display in New York during the international contemporary art exhibition W.W.A.S.

A significant and profound insight into many different styles, expressions and artistic visions at Cælum Art Gallery, New York City.

A unique, emotional experience at Cælum Art Gallery in Chelsea, N.Y.
Chelsea has become the new global center of contemporary art, home to over 200 art galleries.


From 4th to 11th June, Salerno became a “Art Show City” thanks to the event ARTE SALERNO 2017, and hosted the works of 300 artists from alla over the world.

The exhibited works have been selected from over 2000 nominations by a high critical committee chaired by Daniele Radini Tedeschi, one of the curators of the 57th Venice Biennale.

The impressive event started on 4th June with the inauguration ceremony held by Vittorio Sgarbi, the most famous Italian art critic and artistic director of ARTE SALERNO 2017.

The artistic event took place in three symbolic places of the city: the Maritime Station designed by archistar Zaha Hadid, the historic Palazzo Fruscione and the Monumental Complex of St. Sophia.

ARTE SALERNO 2017: the works of the artist Marina Taroni on display in the splendid halls of the ancient Palazzo Fruscione, in the historic center of the city.

The works exhibited are published in a prestigious dedicated catalogue.
Concept: ArtetrA by Veronica Nicoli and Prince Art Gallery by Armando Principe.


The artist Marina Taroni on display at BARCELONA ART BIENNALE.

Over 200 selected artists from 33 Countries for an extraordinary artistic exhibition at MEAM, European Museum of Modern Art | Barcelona.

The exhibition was held at Palazzo Gomis, which in 2006 underwent a major renovation work to accomodate the MEAM.

The museum is located in the historic center of Barcelona, next to the Picasso Museum.

Opening and evening cocktail on Friday 5th May 2017 at 06.00 pm.

The Museum is focused on works of contemporary and contemporary figurative art.

BARCELONA ART BIENNALE opening at European Museum of Modern Art.

Marina Taroni with Guido Pietroni, film maker and music producer.

Marina Taroni among José van Roy Dalì and Eddy Costella.


ITALIAN VANITY ART EXHIBITION aims to promote the Italian Visual Art in Dubai, art curator Gina Affinito.

The artist Marina Taroni on display at Gallery of Light | Dubai from 4th to 10th May 2017.

Opening on May 4th,  2017 at 07.00 pm at Gallery of Light, Dubai Community Theatre and Arts Centre (DUCTAT), Mall of the Emirates in the presence of the Vice President of Italian Industry & Commerce in Dubai, Mr. Piero Ricotti.

Among the many headlines that talked about the exhibition: The National, the leading English-language daily newspaper in UAE.

In the picture Marina Taroni’s artwork “Knowledge”.


The exhibition takes place from 29th April to 16th September 2017 in the magnificent picture gallery of Mazzucchelli Museums, one of the most beautiful neo Palladian Villa in Lombardy.

Mazzuccheli Museums  by Giacomini Meo Fiorot Foundation host the Fashion and Costume Museum with over six thousand exclusive pieces of rare beauty and the prestigious Wine Museum.

On CONTEMPORARY IN VILLA opening occasion, the presentation of the art catalogue Summer Art 2017.

Guest star: Professor Vittorio Sgarbi, the most famous Italian art critic, who told about Italian Beauty.

CONTEMPORARY IN VILLA: Opening by Mario Mazzoleni and Simona Occioni, President and vice-President of Mazzoleni Art Foundation.

The Opening.

The arwork presented during the exhibition are published on a dedicated catalog.

The event was held on Saturday 29th April 2017.

Following Gala Dinner in the ancient Villa, by invitation only.


INTERNATIONAL CONTEMPORARY ART PRIZE by Mediolanum Art Gallery in partnership with Contemporary Art Foundation and Mediolanum Bank.

Award winning painter Marina Taroni on display at MAG | Mediolanum Art Gallery Padua from 30th March to 15th May 2017.

Curator of the exhibition: Professor Giorgio Grasso, curator of the 54th Art Biennale in Venice Italian pavillon and 57th Venice Biennale Armenia pavillon.

During the Opening on 30th March 2017, the historian and art critic Professor Giorgio Grasso held a lesson about contemporary art.

President of jury: professor Vittorio Sgarbi, the most famous art critic.
Award ceremony on 15th May 2017 in presence of Mr. Ennio Doris, President at Mediolanum Bank

Award prize to the artist Marina Taroni, here in the pix with Elisabetta Maistrello, MAG Mediolaunm Art Gallery Director.


Along the shores of Po river, in the historic center of Turin next to the majestic Piazza Vittorio Veneto, the MIIT Museum hosted the INTERNAZIONALE ITLIA ARTE exhibition.

The exhibition was held from 11th to 25th March 2017 in Turin, the European Capital of Tourism 2017.
Marina Taroni among the award-winning artists.

The opening took place on Saturday, March 11th 2017 in the halls of the MIIT Museum in Turin, with a critical presentation by proffessor Guido Folco.


Among the selected artists on display in Paris on Salvador Dalì International Art Prize occasion, Marina Taroni has exhibited a selection of her latest works.

The exhibition was held from 19th to 29th January 2017 in Espace Peugeot Gallery.

The inauguration took place on Thursday 19th January at 06.00 pm in the historic Cristiane Peugeot Gallery, in the presence of the master and art critic Josè Van Roy Dalì, son and heir of the genius master of surrealism Salvador Dalì and his muse Gala.

Salvador Dalì Art Prize to the painter Marina Taroni.
The prestigious award for artistic merit was given by José Van Roy Dalì on accasion of the vernissage in the “Ville Lumière”.

Concept: ArtetrA – PrinceArt – Opera74


In the presence of illustrious characters from the world of culture, the magnificent halls of Palazzo Francavilla hosted on 17th December 2016 the award ceremony of GRANDE MAESTRO ART PRIZE.

Palazzo Francavilla is a sumptuous 18th century mansion in front of the opera house Teatro Massimo in Palermo, symbol of the aristocratic world  of the last “Leopards”.

GRANDE MAESTRO ART PRIZE to the painter Marina Taroni.
Critical comments in the prestigious catalogue published by Sandro Serradifalco – EA Editore.

VERITAS FEMINÆ – Cernobbio, Lake Como

After the suggestive experience in Matera and Amalfi, the art exhibition VERITAS FEMINÆ arrives in the beautiful town of Cernobbio | Lake Como and brings the veiled truths to the light.

Under the sponsorship of Lombardy region, VERITAS FEMINÆ took place from 8th to 18th December 2016 at Villa Bernasconi in Cernobbio, one of the most precious example of Art Nouveau style in Italy.

Vernissage on December 8th at 06.00 PM.

Cocktail dinner and itinerant reading of poetries among the exhibitions hall.

The artist Marina Taroni, which has participated in both past editions, was on display with a selection of her latest works.

On 17th December literary meeting: beauty in poetry and art.
Successfully presented and moderated by dr. Giovanni Ingino.

VERITAS FEMINÆ Matera – Amalfi – Cernobbio.
Art curator: Gina Affinito.
Art critic: Teresa Stacca


The selected artists offered their artistic testimony in the place that for century holds a huge artistic heritage: Florence.

Venue Palazzo Panciatichi Ximènes d’Aragona in Florence, historic palace and national monument.

The award ceremony took place on 12th November 2106 in the presence of Princess Isabella F. Ruffo di Calabria, his husband Ing. Becherucci, direct descendant of Marquis Panciatichi Ximènes d’Aragona; Sandro Serradifalco, publisher; prof. Levi, art critic; dr. Rino Lucia and Serena Carlino, art consultant.

Following party.

Winning artistic award to the painter Marina Taroni.

Copy of the exhibition catalogue is kept at the Uffizi Library, specialized in the historic art sector with over 78.000 titles, including precious manuscripts and rare incunabula.

Concept: EA Publisher

GEMLUCART 2016 – Prinicipalty of Monaco

Marina Taroni among the renowned selected artists who have exhibited their works at the International Contemporary Art Exhibition GEMLUCART.

GEMLUCART is organized by Gemluc, a charitable Association of Monegasque entrepreneurs – founded in 1973 – engaged in the fight against cancer.

GEMLUCART, on its 8th edition, took place at the Auditorium Rainier III from 8th to 16th October 2016. Opening: October 11th at 06.00 pm.

Theme of the 2016 edition: Stay Foolish! Marina Taroni, member of GemlucArt Community, participated with the work “Point of View”, a tribute to the creative genius of the French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent.

Among numerous Monegasque entrepreneurs attended the artistic event: Mr. Adriano Ribolzi (Ribolzi Art Gallery – Principality of Monaco) and Mrs. Mercedes Duerinckx (Art Wanson Gallery – Marbella).

Honorary President: H.R.H. the Princess Caroline of Hannover.

President: Doctor Bèatrice Brych, General Manager: Mrs. Laurence Garbatini, Art Curator: Mr. Yvon Kergal.


On 73th Venice Film Festival occasion, the artist Marina Taroni at CINEMA IN THE ART.

The exhibition took place from September 10th to October 15th 2016 at the Art Events | Mazzoleni Foundation Art Gallery in Venice inside JW Marriott Resort & SPA on the private Island of Roses.

Opening Saturday 10th September 2016 at 15.00 pm.

At the exhibition on the Seventh Art, the painter Marina Taroni (Mazzoleni Foundation permanent artist) presented the work “Illusion”, inspired by the cult movie “Zabriskie Point” by Michelangelo Antonioni.

On exposition also two original artworks by Andy Warhol and Mimmo Rotella, world renowned artists who often have included the Cinema in their works.

On September 10th – Evening Gala in the historic Venetian palace Cà Sagredo, overlooking the Grand Canal. On the red carpet many celebrities, Italian businesses and artists from the contemporary art scene.

GRAN GALA ARTE CINEMA IMPRESA is an awards and solidarity event by Mazzoleni Foundation. By invitation only.

Award to the actor Christopher Lambert, here with the Italian painter Marina Taroni.

Television presenter from “Le Iene” Matteo Viviani with her wife, the artist Ludmilla Radcenko.

The painter Marina Taroni with the artist Paola Epifani – Rabarama, whose sculptures are world famous.

Marina Taroni between Ana Paula Rocha, fashion designer for Babylon and the spanish model Gracia de Torres.

Award to the Italian Volley Olympic Champion Gigi Mastrangelo, here with Lucia Javorcekova.

On the red carpet: Mario Mazzoleni, Mazzoleni Foundation President and the showgirl Valeria Marini.

The event was presented by Max Brigante from Radio 105 and the showgirl Cristina Buccino.

In the picture: Award for Solidarity to Suor Rosalina Ravasio.

Actor Alex Belli and Katarina Raniakova, guests of Gran Gala Arte Cinema Impresa by Fondazione Mazzoleni, organized by Bros Group Italia-Caremoli & Ruggeri.

Press review: Excellence Magazine, Leggo, Bollicine Vip.

On Varesenews and Varesepress two articles about the artist Marina Taroni.


Worldwide Exhibition

FEEDING THE PLANET 2 FUTURE ENERGY aims the artistic vision and reinterpretation of all sources of clean and renewable energy. This international artistic iniziative was launched on September 2016 at Thinking Factory – Milan.

The artist Marina Taroni, engaged on environmental front, takes part to the project FEEDING THE PLANET 2 FUTURE ENERGY with the presentation of the quadriptych “Redemption”.

FTP2FE is under the patronage of the European Parliament, Unesco World Heritage Italy and City of Milan Culture.

Concept: Thinking Factory Milan. Art Director: Moreno Panozzo.

SUMMER ART  2016 – Sardinia

Marina Taroni artworks in exhibition from June 30th to September 4th 2016 on SUMMER ART 2016 | Art Contest.

The exhibition, now on its tenth edition, took place in the magnificent Mazzoleni’s Luxury Art Store.

Mazzoleni Luxury Art Store is located inside Forte Village Resort in Sardinia, one of the most exclusive resort in the world.

Mazzoleni Foundation works through exhibitions and top events to promote Italian art and italian excellence all over the world.

Among thirty artists of the contemporary art scene, the prestigious exhibition includes masterpieces from renowned Salvador Dalì, Andy Warhol and Pierre Fernandez Arman.

Excellence Magazine, international magazine for excellent business & lifestyle, dedicated a wide article on SUMMER ART 2016 exhibition.

With the patronage of Lombardy Region, the SUMMER ART 2016 project presentation took place Sunday 22nd May at 04.00 pm at Villa Principe Leopoldo – Conference Room –  Lugano, Switzerland.

Marina Taroni artworks are published inside the prestigious catalogue SUMMER ART 2016

The Catalogue, on its tenth edition, is issued in italian, english and russian languages.

Mr. Mario Mazzoleni, Mazzoleni Art Foundation President, illustrated the purposes of the project, the artists and the selected artworks.

Closing cocktail party at Villa Principe Leopoldo, facing lake Lugano.

Entry by invitation only.

From left to right: Anny Govoni, Marina Taroni, Candia Camaggi, Rossana Del Vecchio, Rayda Bozzi.


After the striking experience in Matera town (2019 European Capital of Culture, Unesco Word Heritage), continue the artistic path dedicated to the female universe inside VERITAS FEMINAE | Art Contest.

The exhibition was held from 3rd to 16th July in the “Divine Coast” at the Armory and Duchy Museum of Amalfi, which testifies the glorious past of the town of Amalfi.

Opening Sunday 3rd July 2016 at 06.00 pm, art curator Mrs. Gina Affinito.

Marina Taroni exhibited her artwork entitled “Mother Earth”.


The artist Marina Taroni exhibited her artworks at ART IN COMPARISON ON LAGOON.

An exhibition organized and promoted by Art Events – Mazzoleni Foundation.

The exhibition was held from April 2nd to May 2nd 2016 in the charming La Certosa Hall.

The Art Gallery is inside the exclusive JW Marriot Venice Resort & Spa on the private Island of Roses, Venice.

The Opening took place Saturday 2nd April at 04.30 p.m. at La Certosa Hall.

In the evening cocktail party in the park next to the Art Gallery, facing the Venetian lagoon and San Marco square.

The artist Marina Taroni in front of “Proem”, one of her exhibited artworks at the venetian exhibition.


Marina Taroni and Maria Simona Occioni, Mazzoleni Art Foundation Vice President.

Eighteen artists personally selected by Mazzoleni Foundation’s President Mario Mazzoleni have exhibited their paintings and sculptures to show different styles and themes in the contemporary art scene.

VERITAS FEMINAE – Casa Cava – Matera

Talk about women VERITAS FEMINAE | Art Contest, whose project and curatorship are entrusted to Mrs. Gina Affinito.

The exhibition took place from 24th to 31st March 2016 at “Casa Cava”, the unique hypogeal cultural center in the world.

Opening: Friday, March 18th at 06.00 p.m. venue Casa Cava – Matera.

The vernissage took place in the presence of the art critic Mrs. Teresa Stacca, art curator, artists, art lovers and Matera Institutional authorities.

The exhibition was presented in the  hypogeal area of the town of Matera, Unesco Word Heritage.

The project was sponsored by Basilicata Region, town of Matera and Foundation Matera – Basilicata European Capital of Culture 2019.

Four sections: painting, sculpture, photography and installation for an exhibition that brought together different artists on a common theme in contemporary art scene.

VERITAS FEMINAE | Art Contest – Casa Cava – Matera: the artist Marina Taroni attended the Opening, an exciting event.

Among 3500 visitors the Italian actress Cristiana Capotondi in Rai.com conference (Italian Broadcasting Company).

ITALIAN ART FAIR – Gallery of Light (Dubai)

Marina Taroni has exhibited her artworks in ITALIAN ART FAIR. The project by Ars Docet was supported by Italian Industry & Commerce in UAE and Italian istitutions.
Art curator Mrs. Gina Affinito.

The exhibition took place on December 2015 from 5th to 12th at the Gallery of Light inside Ductat (Dubai Community Theatre & Arts Centre), Mall of the Emirates.
The Italian Consul Mr. Giovanni Favilli attended the Opening.

ITALIAN ART FAIR | Dubai 2015 is one of the prestigious events of Italian Festival Weeks – IFW by Italian Industry & Commerce in United Arab Emirates.

The Emarat Tv  Dubai channel broadcasted an ample report on the exhibition.

In the tv frame: Mrs Gina Affinito, art curator and Mr. Giovanni Favilli, Italian Consul in Dubai.

ITALIAN ART FAIR aims to be a more valid and appropriate platform for Italian art.

IAF | Dubai 2015 presented galleries, studios and solo artists working in Italy.

Italian Festival Weeks Dubai Closing Gala.

The party took place at Cavalli Club, the must-see place in Dubai.

ART IN COMPARISON – Mazzoleni Art Foundation – Alzano Lombardo (Bg)

Marina Taroni was selected for ART IN COMPARISON by Mazzoleni Art Foundation.
The exhibition took place from November 21st to December 8th 2015 in the 15th century building Palazzo Barzizza in Alzano Lombardo (Bg).

Mazzoleni Art Foundation organizes top events dedicated to contemporary art in the magnificent Forte Village Resort-Sardinia, Castel Monastero-Tuscany, Villa Principe Leopoldo-Lugano and JW Marriot Venice located on the Island of Roses, facing San Marco Square.

Opening: Saturday 21st November 2015 at 05.30 p.m.

The artist Marina Taroni and Mario Mazzoleni, Mazzoleni Art Foundation President, whose art commitment is internationally recognized.

ART IN COMPARISON: an exhibition not to judge but to confirm how varied is the world of contemporary art.

Professor Vittorio Sgarbi, the most famous Italian art critic, visited the exhibition and met the artists on November 30th.

Professor Vittorio Sgarbi, Mazzoleni Foundation’s guest, presented his latest book From Heaven to Earth, from Michelangelo to Caravaggio.

THE ENCHANTMENT OF BEAUTY – Is Molas Golf Club (Sardina)

This solo exhibition is an open window on the very essence of creation. As Albert Einstein said:
“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”

Marina Taroni’s exhibition was held with the support of Province of Cagliari and it took place at the Club House – Is Molas Golf – from July 25th to August 30th 2015.

Saturday July 25th – 06.30 pm venue Club House Is Molas Golf – Pula (Cagliari) – Sardinia

Entry by invitation only.

The exhibition took place in the prestigious Is Molas Golf Club (Sardinia), one of the finest golf courses in the Mediterranean. Nearby the ancient roman ruins of Nora, it’s surrounded by mountains and covered with flowers, plants and aromatic green Mediterranean vegetation. The landscape is set off by granite cliffs, lagoons, ancient stone watchtowers, sand dunes, stunning beaches and fabulous acquamarine colored sea.

A moment of the Opening.

Among the guests: Dr. and Mrs. Giorgio Maria Calori.

Eddy Costella (M2O Radio/Tv) and Rossana Del Vecchio (Mediamond).

Mrs. Chiara Grosselli and Mrs. Fulvia Lanza.

Mr. Greg Hitchen (Terrapin Goup CEO) with his wife Heather and Mrs. Vicky Ward.

The artist Marina Taroni with Rossella Aicardi.

Maria Dorina Ceccaroni Cambi Voglia.

Press review:

  • SardegnaReporter
  • La Stampa del Mezzogiorno
  • Eventi Culturali Magazine
  • Todaynews press
  • GeosNews

Eventi Culturali Magazine, bi-monthy art and culture, has published four pages about the artist Marina Taroni.

ODE TO FOOD – Milano Art Week

The artist Marina Taroni at ODE TO FOOD, contemporary art in Milan.
Exhibition in partnership with Chamber of Commerce Milan and EXPO in CITTA’ (Expo in Town).

  • Chie Art Gallery from
    27th June to 4th July 2015
  • Pisacane Art Gallery from
    2nd to 9th July 2015

Vernissage ODE TO FOOD, contemporary art in Milan.
Double opening:

  • 27th June h. 19.00
    Chie Art Gallery Milan
  • 2nd July h. 19.00
    Pisacane Art Gallery Milano

Art Curator Gina Affinito.

Opening Chie Art Gallery: the painter between Rossana Del Vecchio and Marcello Lupica Cordazzaro. On background, the artist’s work “The Hope”.

Chie Art Gallery: Marina Taroni with Kazuo Naguchi , Reijinsha Gallery’s President.

The painter with her mom.

Chie Yoshioka between Marina Taroni  and her sister Rossana.

ODE TO FOOD, Pisacane Art Gallery, Expo in Città: Marina Taroni between Anny Govoni and Rossana Del Vecchio. On background, the artist’s work “Devotion”.

Artisitc award received for creative merit.
In the picture: Diego Ciotola (Artrooms Ceo founder), Chie Yoshioka (Chie Art Gallery’s owner), Marina Taroni, Gina Affinito (art curator) and Roberto Ungaro (Pisacane Arte).

An article about the artist and ODE TO FOOD – Milano Art Week – Contemporary Art Exhibition.

ITALIAN SOUL – Contemporary Art in UAE

The painter Marina Taroni among the thirty Italian artists selected to exhibit at ITALIAN SOUL – Contemporary Art in UAE.

Art curator: Mrs Gina Affinito.

Double opening:

  • Dubai (Don Alfonso 1890, Shangri-La Hotel)
  • Abu Dhabi (Art Hub)

Italian and foreign press gave wide coverage to the event.
The project was supported by Italian Institutions: Italian Embassy and Consular Network, Chamber of Commerce and Foreign Italian Institution for Tourism.

The painter Marina Taroni receives a certificate for artistic merit from the Italian Consul Mr. Giovanni Favilli. In the picture: Mrs. Gina Affinito, art curator, Mr. Maurizio Marzocchi, General Secretary of Italian Chamber of Commerce in UAE.

The painter Marina Taroni, Mrs. Gina Afinito (art curator) and artists present at the vernissage inside Don Alfonso 1890, Shangri-La Hotel Dubai.

Dubai, Contemporary Art in UAE: the artist Marina Taroni with Eddy Costella from M2O Radio/Tv.

His Excellency the Italian Ambassador Giorgio Starace inaugurated ITALIAN SOUL Contemporary Art Exhibition at Art Hub in Abu Dhabi. With him, in the picture, Mrs. Gina Affinito, art curator, and Mr. Ahmad Al Yafei, Art Hub founder.

ITALIAN SOUL Exhibition catalog (2nd edition).

“The Unespected” by Marina Taroni at the Italian Embassy in UAE (Abu Dhabi).


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